Episode 3: Hiring Home Caregivers

Episode 3: Hiring Home Caregivers

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Today we talk about hiring help for your aging parent. Hiring a home care aide or caregiver is not an easy decision to make, and honestly, it can be an overwhelming process. Today’s episode will help you organize your thoughts and prepare to ask the right questions to find the best caregiver to fit your needs.

This can be a tough conversation to start with your aging family member so its a good idea to start small and build your way up to a more in-depth conversation. In this episode I take you through my top tips for hiring home care and I include a free cheat sheet to help you know what questions to ask an agency at jericare.com/talk/guidetohiringhomecaregivers. This free resource will give you a great starting place for the kinds of questions you should ask when comparing caregiving agencies.

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