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Dealing with Conflict in Caregiving

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Dealing with Conflict in Caregiving

Conflict is inevitable, and it is never fun. However, while conflict is simply a part of life, there is a human tendency to fear it and avoid it at all costs, preventing teams from reaching their full potential and providing the best support possible for the people in their care. To fight the instinct to run from conflict, you must equip yourself with the tools and resources you need to effectively address difficult situations that arise along your caregiving journey.

Today, I discuss the topic of conflict within the caregiving community and why so many people fail to address it. I highlight the role that communication plays in mitigating conflict and ways to ensure that you are respecting the perspectives of others instead of merely placing blame when things go wrong. I also highlight what can happen if we fail to plan as caregivers and why I push for care plans even before a crisis occurs.

“When caregiving is involved, conflict brings forth its own unique challenges.” – Kelly Adams

This week on JeriTalk:

  • Four key aspects of caregiving that often lead to conflict and seven strategies for responding to conflict
  • Why clear communication is vital in high-stress situations and tips for improving your communication in your caregiving role
  • Why I believe in developing a care team with defined roles and responsibilities for each person
  • Different factors that can influence our perspectives and the unique way we see the world 
  • Why dealing with conflict can be even more difficult than attempting to prevent it
  • What holding space looks like, why it is essential, and how it can help us move away from defensive tendencies
  • Ways to demonstrate understanding and the importance of being willing to listen
  • The importance of taking ownership for your role in a situation and why I recommend using “I” statements
  • Why you may need a third-party to serve as a mediator to conflict

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Kelly Adams
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